And she added proud, insolent words to harsh actions, robbing her lover of hope, as well. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Auktion Freitag 12. und Samstag 13. We saw that only Eurylochus had escaped the transformation: the only one to avoid the proffered cup. But I forgot to ask that the years should be accompanied by youth. You alone can help this love of mine, if I seem worthy of help. (He was indeed amazed) Neither this helmet you see, with its yellow horsehair crest, nor the hollow shield weighing down my left arm, is to protect me: they only look to serve as ornament. But his fame lives, enough to fill a world. As soon as we had drained it, thirstily, with parched lips, the dread goddess touched the top of our hair with her wand, and then (I am ashamed, but I will tell you) I began to bristle with hair, unable to speak now, giving out hoarse grunts instead of words, and to fall forward, completely facing the ground. Angered at his sudden transformation to a strange bird in the woods of Latium, he pecked at the rough oak wood with his hard beak, and in fury wounded the long branches. Helops was transfixed by a javelin that passed through both temples; hurled from the right and piercing the left ear. Not to name all of them, does not the shade come before you of Hector, dragged round his own citadel, Pergama? ‘First, Amycus, son of Ophion, did not fear to despoil the inner shrine of its offerings, and snatched, first, from the sanctuary, a chandelier, thickly hung with gleaming lamps, and raising it on high, as one wields a sacrificial axe to break the bull’s snowy neck, he dashed it against the forehead of Celadon, the Lapith, leaving him with the bones of his face crushed past recognition. In age, he had not yet seen four of the five-yearly Games at Elis in Greece. Mal die Plünderung Roms durch den Gothen Alarich. To arms!’ with a single voice. We had no sooner arrived, and were standing on the threshold of her courts, when a thousand wolves, and mixed with the wolves, she-bears and lionesses rushed at us, filling us with terror. Vorwort Liebe Schülerin, lieber Schüler, der vorliegende Band unterstützt Sie bei Ihrer effektiven Vorbereitung auf das schrift- liche Abitur in Latein. But I was driven from my native country again, for gentle Venus, remembering the wound I had once given her, exacted punishment. Now I can scarcely hold this house, and its parched fields, as Daunus of Iapygia’s son-in-law, with this tiny remnant of my friends.’. Pomona lived in this king’s reign. Boston. What use are our huge limbs? Caenis would not agree to any marriage, but (so rumour has it) she was walking along a lonely beach, and the god took her by force. But the god of the trident, who rules the ocean waters, grieved, with a father’s feelings, for the son changed into a swan, the bird of Phaethon, and, hating fierce Achilles, he nursed an excessive anger in his memory. He was between youth and age, but had the strength of youth, his hair greying on his temples. NYRB (23 June), 34 ff. Achilles flared up, like a bull in the arena, when it charges with its deadly horns at the Carthaginian cloak, and finds it escapes damage. Galinsky, G. Karl, Ovid's Metamorphoses (Oxford, 1975), pp. After the savage fires had destroyed it, and warm ashes buried its houses, a bird flew from the ruins, one now seen for the first time, and beat at the embers with flapping wings. Bk XV:843-870 Ovid’s celebration of Augustus. O how often, disguised as an uncouth reaper, he would bring her a basket filled with ears of barley, and he was the perfect image of a reaper! Still, she was roused, and said: “Let us see this miserable funeral” and went to a rooftop room with open windows. Demoleon could no longer stand the success Theseus was enjoying: he had been trying, with great effort, to tear up the solid trunk of an ancient pine. This was her love, and her passion, and she had no longing for desire. The sharpness of his words has entered them. rostocker straße 23 73529 schwäbisch Gmünd telefon (0 7171) 4 3138 Mobil (0172) 7 38 4107 STARTEN SIE GUT INFORMIERT IN … Dorylas leapt forward fiercely, dragging his guts on the ground, and as he dragged he trampled them, and as he trampled he tore them, entangled his legs in them, and fell, with emptied belly.’. ‘Why do you force me to remember wrongs, to re-open wounds healed by the years, and to reveal hatred for your father and the injuries he did me? Given a knife he was a dresser and pruner of vines: he would carry a ladder: you would think he’d be picking apples. We took the cup offered by her sacred hand. There was hope that the Rutuli, in awe of the wonder of the Trojan fleet being turned into sea-nymphs, would abandon the war. But if you are wise, if you want to marry well, and listen to this old woman, that loves you more than you think, more than them all, reject their vulgar offers, and choose Vertumnus to share your bed! Their rigidity softened, and their wood turned to flesh; the curved sternposts turned into heads; the oars into fingers and legs, swimming; the sides of each vessel became flanks, and the submerged keel down the ship’s middle turned into a spine; the cordage became soft hair, the yards were arms; and their dusky colour was as before. Nothing sticks more firmly in my mind than this, amongst all those acts, in battle and at home, and if length of years alone enabled a man to report many deeds, I have lived two hundred years: now I live in my third century. Ovid Metamorphoses 1 1-4 Hi there. Bk XIV:1-74 The transformation of Scylla. What were my feelings, then (if fear had not robbed me of all sense and feeling), abandoned, seeing you making for the open sea? As the dying man beat his head against the solid earth, Achilles pulled the spear from the hot wound, and cried: ‘This is the hand, and this is the spear with which I have just been victorious: I shall use it on this enemy, and I pray his end may be the same.’ Thus he pursued the death of Cycnus again, and the ashen shaft did not err, thudding unavoidably into the left shoulder, from which it recoiled as if from a wall or a solid rock. She was of rare beauty, but rarer her gift of song, so that she was called Canens. Peleus received the resounding blows on helmet and shield, and defending his upper arms, and controlling the weapon he held out, with one blow through the arm he pierced the bi-formed breast. Helen would not have had more suitors to trouble her, or Hippodamia, who caused the Lapithae problems, or Penelope, wife of that Ulysses, who was delayed too long at the war. Now Mulciber’s flames burned the pitch and wax, and other fuel, and climbed the tall masts to the sails, and the thwarts across the curved hulls were smouldering, when Cybele, the sacred mother of the gods, remembering that these pines were felled on Mount Ida’s summit, filled the air with the clashing throb of bronze cymbals, and the shrilling of boxwood flutes. Achilles saw that Cycnus was stained with blood where it struck, and exulted, but in vain: there was no wound: it was Menoetes’s blood! I watched as Cyclops tore an enormous boulder from the mountainside, and threw it into the midst of the waves. The centaur pulled out the shaft minus its head (he tried with difficulty to reach that also) but the head was caught in his lung. The Sadness of Love. If your death had to be by a woman’s hand, in war, you would rather have fallen to an Amazon’s two-edged axe. He examined the spear to see if the iron point had been loosened: it was fixed to the shaft. What else should Achilles speak of, and what else should be spoken of in great Achilles’s presence? Here he came across a cave, dark with trees, and masked by slender reeds, that now is held by the goat-god Pan, but once was held by the nymphs. No one has a nature more susceptible to such fires than Circe, whether the root of it is in herself, or whether Venus, offended by Sol her father’s tale-bearing, made her that way, so she replied: ‘You would do better to chase after someone whose wishes and purposes were yours, and who was captured by equal desire. The hair flared like a dry cornfield, set alight by the quick flames, and the blood seared in the wound gave out a terrible sizzling noise, as a bar of iron is prone to do, when the smith takes it, red-hot, from the fire, with curved tongs, and plunges it into a bath of water: it whistles and hisses immersed in the bubbling liquid. She took him to her breast, and embraced her son’s cold limbs, and when she had said all the words a distraught father could say, and done the things distraught mothers do, weeping, she led his funeral procession through the heart of the city, carrying the pallid corpse, on a bier, to the pyre. Her lover Glaucus wept, and fled Circe’s embrace, she, who had made too hostile a use of her herbs’ powers. As soon as she had recovered rational thought after the wave of passion, she wanted to own to her desires, but she could not reach him, because of his horse’s speed, and his crowd of companions. He sat on the flattened grass, looking at the branches bending, weighed down with autumn fruit. He prepares to strip his defeated enemy: he sees empty armour: the god of the sea has changed the body into that of a white bird, whose name is the one he bore, but a moment ago. Now he’ll catch me, I thought, now he’ll merge my innards with his own, and the image stuck in my mind of the moment when I saw him hurl two of my friends against the ground, three, four times, and crouching over them like a shaggy lion, he filled his greedy jaws with flesh and entrails, bones full of white marrow, and warm limbs. We must accept that the others could be defeated: the death of Periclymenus was strange, whom Neptune, founder of Neleus’s bloodline, had granted the power to assume any form he wished and reverse that which he had assumed. Acrota, more restrained than his brother, passed the sceptre to brave Aventinus, who lies buried on the very hill where he reigned, and has given his name to it, the Aventine hill. Ovid. Carried through the clear air by tame lions, she cried out: ‘Turnus, you hurl those firebrands, with sacrilegious hands, in vain! At this Caeneus threw his spear, ploughing a furrow in the centaur’s side, where man and horse joined, as he was stretched out in the act of galloping. Mars, removing his helmet, addressed the father of gods and men in these words: ‘The time has come, lord, to grant the reward (that you promised to me and your deserving grandson), since the Roman state is strong, on firm foundations, and does not depend on a single champion: free his spirit, and raising him from earth set him in the heavens. Fear the vengeful gods, and Idalian Venus, who hates the hard-hearted, and Rhamnusian Nemesis, her inexorable wrath! She stands among raging dogs, and is encircled by beasts, below the surface, from which her truncated thighs and belly emerge. What need to tell you how Periphas conquered dual-shaped Pyraethus? If you doubt it, and have no faith in your attractions, well, I, though I am a goddess, daughter of shining Sol, though I possess such powers of herbs and charms, I promise to be yours. Again his enemy’s body was whole and unharmed. There is a place at the centre of the World, between the zones of earth, sea, and sky, at the boundary of the three worlds. “A people defeated by one who is scarcely a man: yet he is the man, and we, with our half-hearted attempts are what he once was. She sprinkled them with harmful drugs and poisonous juices, summoning Night and the gods of Night, from Erebus and Chaos, and calling on Hecate with long wailing cries. So that you might know whose it was, even his shield makes war: and arms, for his arms, are raised. And then he is young, is blessed with natural charm, can take on a fitting appearance, and whatever is ordered, though you ask all, he will do. Yet it was decided not to fight it out to the end, to let peace end war, and that Tatius should share the rule of Rome. Chthonius and Teleboas also fell to my sword: the first carried a forked branch, the other a spear: he gave me a wound with the spear - see, the scar! It continued, and both sides had gods to help them, and courage that is worth as much as the gods’ assistance. Hector with his brothers had also, inappropriately, offered sacrifices at a tomb inscribed with his name. This marvel astonished them. ‘ “Meanwhile, his companions came upon Circe, after calling for Picus through the fields, often, and uselessly (she had now thinned the mist, and dispersed the clouds with winds, and revealed the sun). Elatus’s daughter, Caenis, loveliest of the virgins of Thessaly, was famous for her beauty, a girl longed for in vain, the object of many suitors throughout the neighbouring cities and your own (since she was one of your people, Achilles). It is open night and day: and is all of sounding bronze. Ovid, Metamorphosen I, 502 ff. and I warn you, O most virtuous of Trojans, son of the goddess, (since the war is over now, I will not treat you as an enemy, Aeneas) shun the shores of Circe! When she saw us, and words of welcome had been received, she smiled at us, and seemed to give a blessing to our desires. I am ashamed to tell of the prayers and promises, the blandishments I used, words that were scorned. Juni 2015 One of my friends and myself, fleeing, barely reached safety. For your heart was heated by the sight of the girl as much as by wine, Eurytus, most savage of the savage Centaurs: and drunkenness twinned with lust ruled it. But she spurned, and mocked, him, crueler than the surging sea, when the Kids set; harder than steel tempered in the fires of Noricum; or natural rock still rooted to its bed. Consider what you were born as, or what you experienced, go, pick up your distaff and basket of wool and twist the spun thread with your thumb: leave war to men.”. Then he loosed the ships, that Iris almost destroyed by fire, at Juno’s command, and passed the Aeolian Islands, smoking with clouds of hot sulphur, the kingdom of Aeolus, son of Hippotes, and passed the rocky isle of the Sirens, the daughters of Acheloüs. It is enough that he once gazed on the hateful kingdom, once crossed the steams of Styx.’ The gods agreed, and Juno, the royal consort, did not display her severe expression, but consented peacefully. Spurn the spurner, repay the admirer, and, in one act, be twice revenged.’. Aeneas obeyed, and saw the power of dread Dis, and he saw his own ancestors, and the ancient shade of great-souled Anchises. There, Aeneas won the daughter, Lavinia, and the kingdom of Latinus, son of Faunus, but not without a battle. 49. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. The servants shrieked, and lifted him down, but in vain. He was your father’s armour bearer, Achilles, whom Amyntor king of the Dolopians, having been defeated in battle, gave to Peleus, the Aeacides, as a true pledge of peace. But Pentheus answered him: “A parlous tale, and we have listened to the dreary end, hoping our anger might consume its rage;— away with him! Born in 43 bce, Ovid first made his name at Rome as a playful and experimental love poet, in the Amores, the epistolary Heroides, and the didactic Ars Amatoria and Remedia Amoris; by about 2 ce, he was able to claim that “elegy owes as much to me as epic does to Virgil.” Concurrently with the epic Metamorphoses, he was at work (2–8 ce) on the elegiac Fasti, a poetical calendar of … But he does not desire now the fruit of your trees, or the sweet juice of your herbs: he desires nothing but you. Seeing he was dead, with words that the noise prevented from reaching my ears, she threw herself onto the spear that had pierced him, embracing her husband in dying.’. When they had collected their wits, scornful of their pursuer, they returned to their dancing, feet skipping to the measure. Ovid selbst nannte als Grund seine freizügige "Ars amatoria" (Liebeskunst). Astonished to discover him, unexpectedly, still alive, he asked: ‘What god or chance preserved you, Achaemenides? The challenge given by the Pierides to the Muses is not mentioned by any writer before the time of Ovid. He had turned the heads of the dryads born on the hills of Latium: the nymphs of the fountains pursued him, and the naiads; those that live in the Tiber; and in the River Numicius; in Anio’s streams; and the brief course of the Almo; the rushing Nar; and Farfar of dense shadows; and those who haunt the wooded pool of Scythian Diana, and its neighbouring lakes. It is worth something to be the son, not of Nereus’s daughter, but of him who rules Nereus and his daughters, and the whole ocean as well.’, He spoke, and hurled his spear at Achilles, but it stuck fast in his round bronze shield. For the father of the gods, Jupiter, hating the lying and deceit of the Cercopes, and the crimes of that treacherous people, changed them into disgraceful creatures, so that, though unlike men, they should seem like them. Nor would you have thought Mopsus, Ampycus’s son, only prophesied the future: bi-formed Hodites fell to Mopsus’s throw, trying in vain to speak, his tongue fixed to the floor of his mouth, the floor of his mouth to his throat. Take pity on his ardour, and believe that he, who seeks you, is begging you, in person, through my mouth. Macareus now recognised Achaemenides, among the Trojans, he, who had been given up as lost, by Ulysses, long ago, among the rocks of Aetna. The founder of the Roman city receives her in his familiar embrace, and alters her former body and her name, and calls her Hora, who, a goddess now, is one with her Quirinus. In short, by his many disguises, he frequently gained admittance, and found joy, gazing at her beauty. Commentary: Many comments have been posted about Metamorphoses. Seneca also, in his consolation to Marcia, and in his Quæstiones Naturales, mentions the same destined termination of the present state of the universe. It stood in a holy temple, distinguished by many wreaths. They pressed true charges against her; demanded the king; showed force; and prepared to attack her with deadly spears. She carried a curved pruning knife, not a javelin, with which she cut back the luxuriant growth, and lopped the branches spreading out here and there, now splitting the bark and inserting a graft, providing sap from a different stock for the nursling. Lest his words were in vain, the brave hero pushed aside those threatening him, and rescued the girl from the madmen. His most celebrated work is the Metamorphoses, a poem in 15 books recounting stories from Greek and Roman myth. Unable to do it, he broke it off and hurled it at the enemy. I shouted to him (my courage giving me strength) “See how your horns give way before my spear” and I threw my javelin. “You will not escape with impunity, if I can find a weapon.” said Exadius, who found the equivalent of a spear in a stag’s antlers that hung on a tall pine tree, as a votive offering.